Hi everyone,

We will try to get a proper post up later today – maybe! Very busy day yesterday on the building site, then a quick meal and out to a village (home) church. Church this morning (Sunday), then a visit to a future development site, then a quieter late afternoon – yay! Thai massages booked, I believe…

Anyway, here’s some photos


4 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Hi Murray!

    2 more sleeps to go!! Yes, I am counting now, and then you’re back on bath time duty!! Yeah!! It will be so good to have you home – I’m exhausted!! (Plus I miss you heaps, of course !! xoxo)

    The weekend was really hot (for me!). I felt sick, and Caleb kept getting blood noses which I had to clean up. He did decide to go for a walk around the house while one was in progress, so there was a bit of a mess! All clean now, thank goodness house is pretty much stain resistant!

    Caleb really misses you. I have had some interesting behaviour, especially at night (when you shoud be home!!) when he is quite unsettled. He is pretty good during the day. (Besides taking to Liam with the garden hose and putting a hole in the stuff under your fish tank – you will know what I mean, there have been others but I will not write about them here!). Liam is good, is sleeping well. He can wave and say ‘bye bye’. Yesterday he walked across the room unassisted because it was the only way he could get across while holding a ball in each hand!

    Today (Monday) is cooler. The boys and I are going to meet Lorraine Parmenter at the coffee shop, and then tonight we are going to the Duponts for dinner, which will be great. I haven’t had to make dinner since last Thursday – FANTASTIC!!!

    I will send you the number you are after, and I look forward to reading the next post.

    My love to you and everyone there. God bless you all! Dawn

  2. Noel & Ann Says:

    Good to see you working hard Shirley! Also good to see you on site! Thinking of you all and praying for good a safe trip both there and back. The Bayswater Brigade!

  3. Fivewallys Says:

    Great to finally see some photos of Sue 2 on the website. Shy little one aren’t you!!.

    Hope all is going well & that you have managed to finish everything you wanted (plus a little more maybe??!!) in time. Enjoy your rest day on Tuesday & praying for safe travels for you all.

    Looking forward to your return, especially Sue 2. 🙂

    Chief Wally. 🙂

  4. Monica and Michael Says:

    Hi Dawn and Derek,
    We have had no time or if time, no internet access – sorry! Anyway, I will make sure the Murray & Sue see your messages tomorrow morning, and maybe they will even be able to send their own reply. They both borrowed Monica’s phone to call you today but couldn’t get through or you were out…

    We are all well. Talk soon,

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