Murray signing in from the Thai camp. Quality breakfast again not too much to brag about there — same again today. My coffee is cold and my whitener is not going in!

Big day on work site with tiling, plumbing and more electrical work. Quite productive in the end with lots of work being done by both Ausies and by Burmese boys. The team work was teriffic by the team and it was great seeing the local boys wanting to get involved. When the boys started tiling and painting it was great seeing their faces light up with excitment.

Shopping for hardware for myself and Rod was an experience indeed. Translation was a little tricky but we got there in the end. We managed to negotiate the price down which was well worth the effort. Myself and Sue D had nice experience with some small children in the hardware shop. They played some games with me, poking me and then hiding. Sue said one of them said ‘handsome’  to her which bought a smile to her face.

Meal times are always something to look forward to. The Bamboo grubs were something different. Good thing they were cooked and not moving because I’m not sure if I could stomach them other wise. The children at the church are always fun to interact with.   

I better sign off now I’m not a fast typer and Michael wants his lap top back.

Murray signing off.


13 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. The Minkeyteers Says:

    I’m not sure if I am repeating this because something went wrong when I sent a comment. So here it is, maybe as a replay.

    Great pic’s. Korph Khun Kah.

    But where is Mrs Waller? Come on Sue, don’t be shy. We want to see what you are up to too.

    Those chippies look pretty good to me. Anything cooked by someone else is great. Rejoice in the Lord always.

    One foot in front of the other…God’s speed.

  2. The Minkeyteers Says:

    Jesus loves you:)

  3. The Minkeyteers Says:

    Geoff Fenech loves youse.

  4. The Minkeyteers Says:

    I loves yahz aw-aw-aw-awllllll

  5. The Minkeyteers Says:

    PS Cuddles says ‘Miaow’

  6. The Minkeyteers Says:

    Lucky my boys are not home to be embarrassed or is it embarassed or embarrased or embarased??

  7. The Minkeyteers Says:

    Bye! I’m off to take my medication now.

  8. The Minkeyteers Says:

    You didn’t think you’d get rid of me that easily did you?

  9. The Minkeyteers Says:

    Can’t wait to see and hear your Friday news.

  10. lbc09 Says:

    Like Jacquie uit is great receiving news every day. I love the pics too. Hot day here today 32 degrees!! It will be cool by the time you get home though. Rod I am sure you are missing Bunnings – not quite the same in the local hardware shop where you are now!! Keep smiling and have lots of fun – Looking forward to hearing about your ‘story’ when you come home.

  11. Fivewallys Says:

    Hi MUM!
    Having a good time? Hope So!
    How are the crickets? Tasty?
    Miss you a LOT! So does the family!
    Hows the team? Making lots of PROGRESS??

    Miss you a lot!!


  12. Fivewallys Says:

    Dear Mum,
    Hope your having a great time and I miss you a lot.
    Love Cam

  13. sharon Armstrong Says:

    Hi Sue
    great work ……Ilove what you are all doing Ilove the photos and the food……much love Sharon Sun Tanned

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