Hi everyone, Sue ‘2’ (nee waller) here, as distinguished from Sue 1; these titles bestowed upon us to help the Burmese and Thai girls when they address us. Fantastic day today and not because the breakfast menu changed. How can you complain about food when the lunch and dinner menus are so varied and flavoursome, fried insects are delightfully crunchy(seriously tasty too), and we are served by gracious and hospitable girls while we sit for the entire meal and then watch as the dishes are taken away and washed!! 

Highllights for team has been in discovering the student and teacher within each of us, some of us teaching ‘skills’ we have learned only the day earlier and trying to learn each others language as we spend an increasing part of each day together on site. Not only were many of the young guys tiling, digging trenches and plumbing with the team, but an increasing number of girls joined in. Working together and discovering we knew the same songs (majority from Hillsongs) was fantastic, even if we were singing different words – same heart and connection to the same God we love. Added bonus for me was the discovery that I love grouting – who would have guessed after putting that laundry off for the past 9 years.

Children at the church are absolutely beautiful and relax more with every visit, inviting us to sit on the swing, searching Marks’ bag for more bubble mixture, offering a rope to see if we can skip, loving seeing Mike crawling around in a wicker basket ‘cage’ built for chickens and getting some of the young guys to throw them in the air Josh is a particular favourite as they are nearly thrown into the rafters. Many of the older girls have asked how long we will stay and told us we have to stay a year. It is incredible how quickly we have built relatioships and ease of being with each other. Some of the Burmese boys have wanted to play soccer, so two teams were formed and they battled it our tonight, our boys in work togs and boots while the others dressed especially in soccer gear. Wise decision that it was a mixed team with some Aussies either side,  to prevent a thrashing ; they are good!!. Even as the game progressed, more locals added themselves to the teams.

Could go on but I won’t. Early start tomorrow as we would love to get into the grouting early in the second bedroom so on site shortly after 7.30am and having a breakfast purchased from the local markets. Hope the medication has taken effect Jacqui and you have a bulk supply on hand. Much, much love to you fourwallys and thank you for writing – I can hear your voices as I read. 🙂

Sue W.


8 Responses to “Friday”

  1. sharon Armstrong Says:

    Hi Sue W
    Go Girl …….Love Sharon Sun Tanned

  2. Kiara Says:

    Hey Mum,
    Nice to finally have something from you – now bring on the pictures! I’m with Jacqui on that one 😛

    Thought I’d let you know that I went to collect my theory test results from Mrs Nottle yesterday – score was 98/100 – lost a mark in chords and cadences (don’t know which one I did incorrectly – annoying!) and a half with a ‘messy’ clef and another half with a ‘sudden change in rhythmic’ something something – by the time I started reading that, I was a little annoyed, as the creative section is your own rhythm – how can someone mark you on that!? It’s your personal preference.

    Anyway, am happy with 99/100 😛 I don’t count those two half marks – makes me feel better. haha. A little annoyed, but am moving on. Have got a maths test to study for! Resource Free on Monday and that’s it – woo hoo!!

    Had one (maths test) yesterday – had a problem during recess as I suddenly felt EXTREMELY tired and sick. Didn’t do Phys Ed and at lunch almost fainted a few times. Very unlike me. Leon was a bit freaked out and told me to go to the nurse – I didn’t end up doing that, as in Photography I realised I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast (oopsee!) Ended up eating my sandwich and felt a little better. Luckily…the maths test was resourse free (didn’t actually end up using my notes!) and I asked to sit in the hall, as it was REALLY stuffy in the classroom.

    End of the day test…not so great timing, but I actually felt better about the test than if I had been well and it had been next Wednesday – thankyou Lord and tiredness! I was so dead, that I couldn’t be bothered worrying. Or maybe I have actually learned to cope.

    Yeh…all of that sounds like me – babbling on and giving you every detail 😛

    Also, we lost at netball but I swear that team was (as you would say) ‘in it for sheep stations!!’ One of their shooters was in the team below me (Fiona’s other team) and that was quite…weird.

    Love you and can’t wait until you are back – though I am enjoying a chocolate each night 🙂

    Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in there – I really can’t be bothered re-reading all of that because this box is so tiny!!

  3. Kiara Says:

    Looks like I just managed to write as much as you about one maths test when you were talking about a whole day…woopsee


  4. Grant Collins (GMP) Says:

    Great to hear of the wonderful and growing connections.
    I’m doing the announcements tomorrow at LBC and we will be praying for you dudes. Keep focused on the great work you are doing in the name of Christ. 2 Cor 4:18

  5. Monica and Michael Says:

    Kiara, Michael and I really want to know how you managed to be so careless and lose two marks. This is hardly the perfection we know and expect!!!! 🙂 We shall all need to have a minutes silence up here to mourn your loss.

  6. lbc09 Says:

    Hi Kiara
    Fantastic marks – you are just as bad as your perfectionist Dad!! Getting 98 out of 100 is a good thing 🙂 If there are any spare chocolate kisses left, you are well and truly entitle to one. Off to church now so have to go. Should be fantastic to sing thai and english together. much love, Mum xx

  7. Chris Jasper Says:

    Hey Sue,
    Haven’t stopped thinking of you and the wonderfully rewarding adventure you are a part of. Keep feeling I should be there with you!
    Sending lots of love,

  8. rebeccalamont Says:

    Hi Sue,

    It is great to see you in action.
    Your project sounds really exciting. I love to hear of your new growing friendships…very special.
    I am thinking of you everyday.
    Love Beckx

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