After a good nights sleep in the hotel and a lovely Thai Breakfast (Stirfry rice), Doug took us to a Christain village school that he and his team started up outside of Chiang Mai. He showed us around and told us about the work that is going on there. He then took us to the local village church building, It’s an open walled building with a car tyre rim and a hammer to let the village know that they have to gather there. One of the church elders/village leaders geeted us all letting us know we were free to wander around the village if we liked. During that time there where a few Thai children playing with a very large bike, you couldn’t help but notice how happy they were with so little.

Back at Chiang Mai 8 of us travelled around the city for lunch, an hour later after much walking and a ride in the local open back ute taxi, we found a beautiful little guest house Rigena on the river side running through Chiang Mai. The food there was unbeliveably good, for 8 meals and 8 drinks it cost 820 Baht ( approx $30 Aud ).

When we returned to the hotel we met up with the rest of the team including Kieran Pound and Joshua Deyo, then headed for Peace Church run by Supote and Mam in Wiang Pa Pao. Greeting everyone the tradional Thai way with a bow we spent some time there talking, or at least trying to talk! A few of us had a chilli eating contest with the local children… and of course we lost. A little while after we went and looked at the project that we would be working on, it’s going to be a challenge but a fun and rewarding challenge. Mam and her girls served us dinner and again it was absolutely beautiful food not like your local Asian restaurant. After a great meal we drove (some in the back of a ute) to the guest house we would be staying at…Cabbages & Condoms… to have a good nights sleep and be ready to start work the following morning.


How do they get it all on the truck?

How do they get it all on the truck?

Village kids on their bike

Village kids on their bikeHow do they get all that on there?


12 Responses to “Monday”

  1. elain Says:

    Hi everyone,

    So good to hear you have all arrived safely. You all seem so far away.
    Lovely to see some photos, keep them coming.
    How is the hard labour going? Hope you are working hard!!!

    Well enough talk… missing you all….been having a lot of people asking how you are all doing.
    Love to all, especially my BOY… sorry Graeme for embarrassing you, it’s what I do best xxxx


  2. The Minkeyteers Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Sa wah dee kah

    Glad to hear you are being well fed and at least having a go at the lingo.
    Thanks for the great update Graeme. We’ll be getting you onto the Lesmurdie News team next!
    Do not hold back people. Step out and risk it. Just do it. Love, love, love yourselves. Allow yourselves to be free. (Jesus died so you could be). In turn bring blessings to others.
    Love to you all.


  3. The Minkeyteers Says:

    Let the whole world know:)

  4. Ruth Warwick Says:

    Hi Team

    Great to read your news and see the photos. Makes us feel like we’re really part of what your are all experiencing. Had a chuckle today seeing Murrays post on FB that you are staying at C and C’s! Think you might have shocked a few people!

    Looking forward to many more updates.

    Ruth and Simon x

  5. karen siggins Says:

    hi everyone – it is great to be able to hear from you and see pictures too! we are praying for you and thinking of you and often wondering what you are up to as we sit and have our lunch or cuppa together back here in Perth. things are starting to get active around here again with the holidays over and its nice to have more of the staff and others around! i hear Eileen talking about scones for the next staff meeting!

    lots of love to you all


  6. elain Says:

    Hi everyone,
    This is my second attempt at leaving a comment, so here goes again.
    It is so lovely to see a few photos of you all, keep them coming.
    I am sure by now you are all exhausted from the humidity and hard work. Are the young ones able to keep up with the oldies??
    Is the work progressing well?
    All is well back in sunny Australia, we will have a high of 32 over the weekend, which we will all be enjoying.
    Have you had rice for breakfast, lunch and tea yet? I had a lovely bowl of mixed berries and natural yoghurt for breakfast this morning…missing your weet.bix yet Graeme?
    Murry I spoke with Dawn this morning, she is doing well but missing you of couse!!!
    Well love to all
    Keep well
    Elain xx

  7. lbc09 Says:

    Hi mummy,

    I miss you tucking me in at night. No one fluffs my pillow up like you. And they try to make me eat crickets – please send weetbix immediately. At least they let me stay up late and ride in the back of a ute.


  8. Don &Ann Coulter Says:

    Hello Graeme,Your mum sent an email letting us know you were in Thailand .It sounds as if you are having a very fruitful time there . The food does not look too appetising!!!!!!Don,t be eating too many crickets !!!!!!!WE pray that God will bless you and all the team in the remainder of your time there . Ruth was in Thailand for her elective ….In the mission hospital in Manoram . All the family send their love God Bless you Graeme xxxxx

  9. sharon Armstrong Says:

    Hi there

    Great work guys Love Sharon

  10. sharon Armstrong Says:


    The foods looks great …..Iam praying for you all ,you are amazing love Sharon

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