A Hard Days Night

Hi everyone,

Well, the advance party has arrived safe and sound in Chiang Mai. We expect Kieran and Josh to join us around lunch time today. It was a pretty long trip getting here. We got to Perth airport around 10pm on Saturday for a 1am flight. Arrived in Singapore about 6:30 had a less than satisfactory breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe, before taking a bus tour of the city. It was Confusius’ birthday so the guide took us to a Taoist temple in full swing. Really interesting! Then we had a much better lunch. Some choose Burger King, the others Chutney Mary for some Indian. Buster wins the award for eating the spiciest dish. Buster and Shirley befriended a young German woman on the bus tour. She is in South East Asia on a business trip, and joined us for lunch. We were able to tell her about what we were doing. She said, ‘Where are you from? Some kind of humanitarian organisation?’ So we told her we were Christians … Hopefully a seed sown.

We landed in Chiang Mai about 5pm (we are 1 hour behind Perth time). We flew over fairly rugged mountains coming in, and had a brilliant Thai dinner last night. I think we won’t be losing any weight… We met Doug and Fiona, and they have two other Aussie girls out with them doing mission work – Melody and Ruth. Nice to meet them. Then we hit the sack. We were sooooo tired. Now its morning, and we are ready to go again. Doug has just come to pick us up to go visit some projects this morning.

We have tried to get some photos up without success, but we have to go now. Will have to try again later on. I am sure we will succeed.

Talk soon!


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