Getting Ready to Go!

Tonight the team had their last meeting as they prepare to go to Thailand next weekend. The team members are:

Murray Beaton
Rod and Sue Davidson
Josh Deyo
Buster and Shirley Fourie
Mark Jeffery
Graeme Magowan
Michael and Monica O’Neil
Kieran Pound
Sue Waller

The team are heading for the Wiang Papao district in northern Thailand, between the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. They aim to assist a local ministry complete the construction and fit-out of a Youth Centre building which is part of a larger Healthy Village project serving refugees on the Thai-Burma border.

And now we are in our final countdown, we can’t wait to get started!
The Youth Centre building


11 Responses to “Getting Ready to Go!”

  1. lbc09 Says:

    Hi! I am testing the comments! MO.

  2. Ian White Says:

    God’s Speed Team!
    You are setting out to make a difference, and that is inspirational.
    You are all in my prayers, every day.

  3. lbc09 Says:

    Thinking of you all and praying for you for spirit filled hearts as you make a difference to the lives of many who otherwise would have no hope – the Hope of knowing our God
    and his faithfullness to all who Honour Him.

  4. Ian White Says:

    Hi Team,
    I put the airport departure picture up on the blog, but couldn’t work out how to get it into the main blog page. It is listed under “Pages”>Departure (right hand side of the page with the other control options). Maybe you can get it into the main part of the blog.
    Prayers and blessings,

  5. lbc09 Says:

    Yeah – Happy for you the food experience to date is better than the first breakfast. The news sounds like fun already. Poor Mark – looks like he can’t keep up to the ‘oldies’!!
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers

  6. elain Says:

    Hi all,
    Hope your are well today and getting some rest now as well as working hard.
    Hope your checking your replies to your comments on the blog, I don’t think they go onto the leave a comment part or responses, I have left a couple but they don’t come up on this page.

    Keep well
    Love to all
    Elain x

  7. Katherine and Donna and Charis Says:

    Hello team. Thinking and praying for you all! We’re working hard at Vose and eating toasties (not at the same time).

  8. Leanne Whitfield Says:

    Hi Mun and Rod,

    Sounds like your having fun. Love the drama queen glasses. Take care. Bless you all

    Leanne Glenn and kids

  9. lbc09 Says:

    Dear Leanne Thankyou for your email, we are having an absolutely fantastic time, loads of fun. love mum and Rod

  10. sharon Armstrong Says:

    Great Work Guye

    Love Sharon

  11. lbc09 Says:

    Hi everyone
    Saturday early evening here. This time last week it was the wedding and seeing you all off at the airport. That week has gone very quickly. So happy for you all that you are having fun and enjoying the interaction with the kids/young people. I am sure you would not be able to keep that pace for too many weeks though! Will miss you all tomorrow at church. I do pray you will have a wonderful time of fellowship together – which you possibly do each day. Take care and looking forward to seeing and hearing about it all when you come home
    Love Eileen

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